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We are the perfect partner for you to join and invest through to grow your wealth.

We are a registered financial service provider, FSCA nr 25405

Coupled with our extensive knowledge and a passion to grow your wealth with our investment solutions, we are equipped to help you grow your wealth. Our investment solutions includes endowments, tax free savings, unit trusts, retirement annuities, living annuities etc.

We will assist you in reaching your target and objective though our product solutions and with a combination of private and other funds, we can give you exceptional grow on your investment.

The retirement two pot system

A fund that your money is invested in invest in shares that is listed on either the stock exchange or in other funds. Except private equity funds invests in private companies not listed on the JSE.

Your funds growth depends on the market movement of these shares or funds. These funds take no risk, like a money market to high risk or equity. The fund we choose for you depends on what the risk is that you are willing to take. Do our risk analysis to determine the type of fund we will recommend.

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See what difference R100 today can make with your future investment.

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About Us

We are an Independent Financial Advisor company with over 20 years experience in the long term and short term insurance market

We also provide the following products and services :

Life Cover

Vehicle and Content Insurance

Medical Aids

Gap cover

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